The best possible way to present a project is the visualization!

On the basis of data like completion drawings, sketches, cuts and renderings I will establish illustrations, detailed interior pictures, views, photos, virtual interactive models and perspectives.

Whether it concerns commercial stores, apartment buildings, reconstruction, highend private homes, extensive renovations, dental offices, restaurants or lawyer's offices. Your customer will have an extensive visual impression of his project before the first work is done.

In this early phase changes and customer's extra wishes are very easy to accomplish.
It is well known how expensive changes during the actual construction can become.

Data transmission is accomplished through e-mail or a safe connection over
Payments for my services can be done very cost efficiently through the internet bank or if you wish through Western-Union. In the latter case the costs for transferring the fund will have to be carried by you.

Your customer will find it much easier with this modern visualization, to form a picture and come to a decision. An optimum visualization is an astonishingly successful sales- tool in the real estate market.

Once you are interested, please contact me for more information.
Pictures type:
3D service in
3Ds, c4d, o2c and dxf

Architectural presentations and project completions
P.E., German Interior Architect, with 10 years experience in the field of virtual visualizations and more than 20 years in the construction industry
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